Elephant - the symbol of moderation, compassion, eternity, the supreme power.

In India, a white elephant is considered to be incarnation of Ganesh (the god with the head of an elephant), the god of wisdom, happiness and literature, and symbolizes the taming of passions, as Ganesh is holding in the hand of its own trunk.

In addition, the elephant symbolizes strength, sagacity and longevity. Elephant - an animal driven by Indian rulers and the Hindu god of storms and rain Indra. Elephant symbolize the qualities necessary for a good ruler - the dignity, wisdom, intellect, and peacefulness.

In Thailand, Cambodia and Burma, the white elephant became the symbol of fertility and showers.

For Buddhists, elephant - the symbol of spiritual knowledge and stability. Queen Maya learned of her imminent birth son, the future Buddha, in veschem a dream in which a charming little white elephant entered her.

As a symbol of wisdom, was a feature of ancient elephant god Mercury.

Elephant trample snake - a symbol of the victory of Christ over death and evil.

It was believed that the elephant has refrained from sex during prolonged pregnancy females, it is in Europe, it made a symbol of chastity and devotion to love.

Hindu legend says that once the elephants fly, but was beaten and cursed lost that gift. Another legend (as described by R. Kipling) tells us that earlier in the elephant trunk was short. Once an elephant trunk to grasp crocodile, elephant escaped, but the trunk and remained so stretched forever.