Great Mother of the terrible fate of hypostasis weavers sometimes portrayed as a spider. All the lunar goddesses - spinner and weavers of fate, and the Space Spider, the Great Spider, or a great spinner, is the Creator, who pryadet thread of life of its own substance, is attached to itself through the umbilical cord of all people, and weave them into a network design world.

Spider webs in the center symbolizes the center of the world, the sun surrounded by rays off of it in all directions, the moon, crystallizing the cycles of life and death, pryaduschuyu Web time.

Do American Indians spider - wind and thunder, protection from evil.

In Christianity, - the devil, lure sinners; curmudgeon, drinking the blood of the poor. Spider on the cup - the symbol of St. Norbert.

Do Egyptians spider - attribute Neyt as weavers world.

A Greek Spider - an attribute of Athena as weavers of peace, and Persephone, and the Trial of Harmony (Moira) as the spinner fate; Arahny appearance.

In Indian and Buddhist spider - weaver spider illusion of Maya, as well as the Creator of yarn spinner of his own substance.

Do people on some islands of Oceania Old Spider is considered the creator of the universe.

I mean the Romans spider acumen, a good destiny.

In Scandinavian and Germanic Holda and Norna spinner and weavers fates.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition spider - attribute Ishtar and Atargatis as weavers and the fate of the world.