As a "talking bird, a symbol of prophecy. In other respects ambivalenten: means both sun and the darkness of evil goodness, wisdom, and the destruction of war.

Ravens and wolves - frequent satellites primitive gods dead.

In the alchemy of crows, shown next to the skull or tombstone, a symbol of blackness and killing, nigredo - the first stage of "Small Works", the death of the world, the principle of "land for land" ("... ashes and dust return ").

Do American Indians lived in the forests of the east coast, crows mean villain.

In some traditions - cultural hero and demiurge.

In the Celtic epic crow with divination connected with Korolkov (or vyurkom), "the blessed raven" - an attribute goddesses of war and fertility, as well as associated with the goddess Morrigan. "Battle Raven" Balde' symbolizes war, bloodshed, terror, anger. Attribute hero Bendegeyta brana. Do Lufa - two magical crow.

In general, a black crow - a bird bad omen, but the raven with a white feather - a good sign.

In China, the crows - one of the animals "twelve earthly branches" and symbolizes power. At the Sun live-legged crow, symbolizing the three phases of its motion: sunrise, noon, sunset.

In Christianity, the crows - is the devil, eating decomposition; crow, peck their eyes - is the devil, blinding of sinners. Raven - the symbol of sin, as opposed to white doves, a symbol innocent soul. Raven sent from Noah's Ark, a symbol of wandering, anxiety, and dung. In the symbolism of the Fall of crows sitting on the tree of knowledge, from which Eve disrupted fruit. Raven is also a symbol of solitude, and, hence, the holy hermit, and is the emblem of St.. Anthony, Benedict, Ida, Oswald, Paul, Vikentiy.

In Egypt, crow meant destruction and malice.

In ancient Greece symbolizes longevity and is dedicated to Helios (Apollo) and his messengers. An attribute of Athena, Cronos and Eskulapa. He cry at weddings as a personification of fertility. In the art orfikov crows death portrayed with pinecone and the torch of life and light.

In Jewish tradition the raven - the symbol of carrion, dirt, death and destruction, deception. In mitraizme - the first step of initiation, the servant of the Sun.

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