Represents water, Moon, Mother Earth, the beginning of creation, time, immortality, fertility, the renewal of nature. Turtle often portrayed in supporting peace. It attributed the beginning of creation and sustaining it as the whole world.

China believes that it has predictive ability.

Do alchemists turtle symbolizes the massa confusa.

In American Indian Space Tree grows back turtles.

A Chinese turtle - one of four gifted spiritual beings along with the dragon, phoenix and tsilinem; symbolized the watery element, yin, winter in northern areas, black original chaos. Turtle nazyvyut Black Warriors - a symbol of strength, endurance and longevity. Znamia with dragon and turtle carrying warriors as a symbol of the imperial army neunichtozhimosti, since both the substance of fighting with each other, still alive: Dragon can not crush the turtle, but that can not reach out to the Dragon.

Turtle is often portrayed with cranes, as a symbol of longevity. It supports the earth and its four legs are on the four ends of the earth.

Christians means modesty of women in marriage, lonely living in homes as a turtle in the shell. In the art of early Christianity symbolized evil, by contrast with the cocks as a symbol of vigilance.

Do the Egyptians, two turtle scales used to determine the height of the Nile waters spilled.

In Greco-Roman is the female principle, fertility waters, an attribute of Aphrodite (Venus), emerged from the sea, the emblem of Hermes (Mercury).

Do Indians turtle - Kasyara, North Star, the first living creature, the father. Avatar of Vishnu, the Custodian. The lower part of the shell - a symbol of the earthly world, the top - heaven. Turtle supports elephant, on the back of which rests the world, with elephant -- embodiment of masculinity, and the tortoise - the female, but they symbolize the beginning of the two generators.

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