Solar symbol of all the gods of the sun, the midday sun, the spirit, ascension, inspiration, liberation from the bonds, victory, pride, contemplation, apotheosis, a royal origin, power, strength, height, the element of air. It was believed that the eagle is able to reach the Sun and not migaya, look at it and connect with him. In this context, the eagle represented the spirit of a man who is vzmyt to heaven. Bicipital Eagles are the attributes of the gods, the twins may mean vseznanie and dual power. The rivalry between the eagle and bulls, an eagle and a lion , which is always winning eagle symbolizes the triumph of spirit and intellect of the fleshly nature. The conflict between the eagle and serpent , an eagle with a snake displays in the jaws of victory spirit. In this battle eagle represents power for good, but snake - and the chthonic forces of evil.

In addition, the eagle is light neyavlenny, while snakes - neyavlennuyu darkness. Together they constitute a space, tselokupnost, the connection of spirit and matter. Eagle, crowned column, - the emblem of all the gods of the Sun in their hypostasis sol invictus, the winners of the darkness.

In alchemy rocket skyward eagle - mean liberation of the spiritual part of the original matter, prima materia. Double-headed eagle represents androginnuyu mercury. Crowned eagle and the lion - it is wind and earth, mercury and sulfur, volatile and frozen beginning.

In American Indian headdress with eagle feathers represent Thunder Birds, the world spirit. Eagle - a revelation and a mediator between heaven and earth, and, moreover, the symbol of the day.

In some cases, the white eagle, a symbol of a man, a brown woman.

In Australian Aboriginal eagle or a falcon equal to the gods.

In Aztec Eagle is the power of heaven shining heaven, ascending sun, devouring a serpent of darkness.

In Buddhism the eagle - a bird, which flies the Buddha. Attribute Amoghasiddhi.

A Celtic eagle is associated with healing waters.

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