Pozhiratel symbolizing the need to go through death to new life. Crocodile open mouth means the movement against the current exemption from the constraints of the world.

Sometimes, a crocodile - guardian of the door. Possessing the ability to live on land and in water, it symbolizes the dual nature of man. According to Pliny, crocodile and lizard symbolize silence, because it was believed that they had no language.

The crocodile is also identified with the fertility waters. Being swallowed Crocodile, then descend into hell. Crocodile - the emblem of Seth in his tifonicheskom aspect (cruelty and evil).

Sebek with a crocodile head embodies perverse passion, deceit, betrayal, hypocrisy and secrecy. Swallowed the moon, he cries (otsuda expression "crocodile tears"). Dedicated APOPO, Serapis, Sebeku and is depicted at the feet of PTA.