Symbolizes resurrection (the appearance of the spring from its winter lair with bear), a new life, and therefore, initiation and rituals associated with the transition.

In the heroic myths meved - solar symbol. In the myths of the flood, he turns into a moon, associated with the Moon goddesses Artemis and Diana. It is the emblem of the Kingdom of Persia and Russia. Alchemical meaning: nigredo of pervomaterii.

In the tradition of American Indians is supernatural strength, endurance, strength, tornado.

In the Celts belong to the lunar forces; attribute goddess Bern.

A Chinese epitomizes strength and courage.

In Christianity, is evil, evil, cruelty, greed, carnal appetite. Thought that the bear cubs are born shapeless and, thus, they considered the symbol of transforming regenerative power of Christianity over the nations. It is the emblem of the holy Blandino, Galla, Florentina, Maxim. Battle of David with a bear symbolizes the conflict between Christ and the devil.

A Bear is dedicated to the Greek moon goddesses Artemis and Diana, as well as an attribute of Atalanta and Evfimii. Girls who took part in the rites of Artemis, known as "bears" and wore yellow garments, imitation bearskin. Diana turned Callisto into a bear.

The Japanese bear symbolized dobrozhelatelnost, courage and strength.

In Ainu, the bear is a cultural hero, and divine envoy.

Do Teutones he focuses on the Torah. Atlantic Women's Dipper embodies the principle, and bears Atli - male. To bear shaman - Envoy of the forest spirits.