Represents loyalty, vigilance, nobility, (dogs and falcons - emblem of nobility). Plutarch said that the dogs represent the "conservative, sober, philosophical start in life." "A dog, raised its rough neck with a black face, alternately, the golden mean messenger snuyuschego hither and thither between the highest and ground forces" (Apulia). It protects the border between the world and therefore, the transition guard, guardian of the world underground, prisluzhnitsa dead psihopomp. As a lunar animal, along with hare and lizards, a dog - an intermediary between the moon deities.

In Egypt and Sumer, it Diesel. Associated with all the envoys of the gods and the gods of destruction. It is an attribute of Anubis and Hermes (Mercury). The dog and otter specially marked as "clean animals" in Zoroastrianism, and kill them - a sin. In Hecate were their "fighting dogs".

In the northern peoples Garmr, "pozhiratel" often portrayed psom Brima, or accompanied by a dog. Sometimes, the dog accompanies the Good Shepherd. Usually it - satellite healers such as Eskulap, as well as all and the goddess-mother. Mother Goddess is often called a "bitch" and portrayed as schenyaschayasya

Black Dog, personified witchcraft, devilish forces, curse, death. Cats and dogs, being close witches can represent them as nasylateley rain. Dogs in the way the winds may drive boar-winter or drought. A creature with the head of a dog kills or finds in the prison, the enemies of the world. The dog is often a cultural hero or mythical ancestor. In addition, as a companion in life, she remained after his death, to intercede for the dead gods of the underground world. It also can cause a fire and manage it, or the invention a fire by friction, or, in some cultures, podglyadev how men make fire, and passing the secret of women. In connection with the fire dog takes sexual symbolism, as the sexual power and light connected.

In African tribes dog - a cultural hero, the inventor of fire, and he who brings his people.

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