Ambivalenten. The image that both lunar and solar. It is the creator and destroyer. Tiger struggling with snake, symbolizes heavenly solar power. In the battle with lion or oriental dragon, the tiger becomes a symbol of moon, chthonic and malicious. He is also a symbol of royal dignity, brutality, force. Perhaps the personification of Mother Earth.

In Chinese alchemy tiger symbolizes the lead and bodily strength.

In Aztec Tiger - west the setting sun, chthonic forces and the land. Tiger - one of three hard-boiled Beings of Chinese Buddhism, crystallizing anger, along with monkey - styazhayuschey symbol of greed, and deer - the personification of insatiable lust.

Do the Chinese - the king of beasts, lord of all living land animals. When he has a yang symbols, according to Chinese symbolism, took the lion in the West and symbolizes power, courage, military force and fury that need it as defender. When the tiger is depicted battle with the symbol of yang, heaven dragon, he becomes the personification of earthly yin; pictured together, they represent the opposite forces of spirit and matter. Tiger - a third of the symbolic animals of Twelve Terrestrial Branches. The emblem of the officer class and the fourth gambler. God of wealth goes riding a tiger, guarded chests with coins. Goddess of the wind also travels astride a tiger. He guard the graves and keeps evil spirits. As a creature that can see in the dark, tiger htonichen. It is a lunar symbol, represents the rising force of the new moon, which is depicted in the guise of a child running from the tiger's teeth. A child this "ancestor of all people," ie, mankind, and the tiger symbolizes the forces of darkness from which the new moon is saved. White Tiger - is the western region, autumn, and the elements of metal, it should always be turned his head to the south, and the tail to the north. Blue Tiger - this is plant life, the east and spring. Red Tiger - this is a fire, the south and summer. Black Tiger - is water, the north and winter. Yellow tiger - it is the center of the Sun, Ruler. "Saddle the tiger" - meant to oppose, or engage in dangerous and conflict and natural forces.

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