Die Fledermaus

As is known, the bat is sleeping during the day, and night flying. Despite the darkness, her movements are very precise, it is well oriented, even in complete darkness.

In ancient Rome and ancient Greece Bat erroneously attributed the sharp-eyed, she symbolized the vigilance and vision. In Homer souls of the dead had wings flying mouse.

Leader of witches in the traditions of Roma and the Tarot cards (XV map) is the wings of bats. These wings are a sign of the devil declared. Bats chased and cut off until our century. In Europe, nail them to trees to scare away demons.

Die Fledermaus - a symbol of the ability to feel the hidden forces of nature. Fortune decorated their carts images Bat.

Die Fledermaus - a symbol of fear, death and night. In the Central American and Brazilian mythology bat - powerful god of hell, sometimes depicted devouring the sun.

In China, bat - a symbol of good luck, and two bats on the cards indicate a desire fertility, health, long life and dignified death.