Embodies the courage, an abundance of vitality, creative energy.

Kozel may change places in terms of symbolism with gazelle or antelope. While living at altitude, it also represents superiority.

Goat means a woman's productive force, fertility and abundance.

There is a Chinese goat paronym of January and becomes the male principle, kindness and peace.

In Christianity, goat is the devil, damned, wicked, lust and inconstancy. "Scapegoat" - is the Christ, the sin-laden world.

In Greco-Roman tradition of goat means virility, creative energy, and lust. Dedicated to Zeus Diktinosu, which was vskormlen kozoy Amalteey, skin that has become his shield and the horn - horn of plenty. The wild goat is dedicated to Artemis, and is an attribute or one of the faces of Dionysus. Satire is half the kids and have a Goat horns. Ban has legs, horns and a goat beard. Roebuck is also Faun.

Do Jews goat represents lubricity and profligacy.

Do Hindus goat - it is light, creative fervor. In addition to the rams is an attribute of Vedic fire god Agni, who jumps on the goat.

In Scandinavian and Germanic mythology, the god of storms and the chariot of the fertility of the Torah zapryazhena devoted his goat.

In Sumero-Semitic toaditsii goat often appears with Marduk and goddesses and is the emblem of Babylon Ningirsu. Kozel, or fish-goat, embodies the deep water Vladyka EA-Oannesa.