Refers to land, the evil, devouring passion and fury. Wolves and ravens are often close friends of primitive gods of the dead.

Do alchemists wolf, along with the dog symbolizes the dual nature of Mercury, the philosophical mercury and nous.

In Aztec howling wolf - the god of dance.

In Celtic mythology, the wolf swallows the Heavenly Father (sun), and then comes night. In Chinese it symbolizes the rapacity and greed.

In Christianity, the wolf - the evil, the devil, pogubitel flock, cruelty, cunning and grace as well as people with a fixed neck, because it is believed that the wolf is unable to turn back. Wolf was the emblem of St. Francis of Assisi, Gubbio tame a wolf.

Do the Egyptians, it is an attribute Khenti Amenti and Upuat.

In Greco-Roman tradition of the wolf is dedicated to Mars (Ares), as the personification of rage, as well as Apollo and Silvan. She-wolf, according to legend, Romulus and Rem nurse, often depicted in Roman art.

Wolf is also a symbol of valor. Do Jews wolf represents bloodiness, the brutality of pursuing the spirit (Genesis, 49:17).

Do Indians ashviny quails save the day from the wolf night.

Wolf is driving animals and witches chernoknizhnikov, his face takes werewolf or Wehrwolf.