The symbol has a dual meaning. Typically, bull represents the masculine principle, solar regenerative effect on all the celestial gods, as well as fecundity, male productive force, the royal origin.

In other cases, it symbolizes the earth and the feminine force of nature. When a bull becomes the moon, there go the moon goddess - Astarta and Europe, and it means taming the male animal and the beginning.

Byke or rider on the bull, pulling a cart, are the attributes of solar warrior of the sky, the storm and solar deities. Roar of the bull symbolizes thunder, rain and fertility. As the embodiment of man's productive forces, is associated with a fertile bull by the sun, rain, storm, thunder and lightning, therefore, as with the dry and wet elements. Heavenly deities are often in the form of a bull, a goddess portrayed him as a husband.

Sacrifice of a bull and tavroboliya take place in worship Attisu and Mitra, as well as in the ancient New Year celebrations. Bull symbols - the usual case in shumeriyskih and Semitic cults.

Chelovekobyk - it is usually guard that protects a mid, or treasure, or any door. It protects against evil and is usually apotropichnym. The head of a bull (the most important part, because it contains his life principle) means sacrifice and death. Zakalyvanie bull on New Year symbolizes the death of winter and the birth of creating vitality.

In Buddhism Bull represents personality, ego, and is an attribute of the god of the dead Pit, which is sometimes depicted with the head of a bull or buffalo.

A Celtic god-bull symbolized strength and wisdom. For Druid bull - this is the sun, a cow - the land.

A Chinese bull is considered one of the animals Twelve Terrestrial Branches.

In Christianity, bull symbolizes the brutal force and is the emblem of St.. Evstafiev, tortured in a copper byke, and St.. Tesla.

In the Egyptian bull Apis was Osiris Avatar "and the second life and a servant of PTA." He was also worshiped in the form of Mnevsa or Mervera. He was devoted to solar god Ra, which is in the image of the celestial bull, every day the sky goddess Nut fertilize. God of the earth Neb was also celestial goddesses bulls. Thigh bull considered phallic foot Seth, symbolizing fertility, strength, and the North Pole.

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