The Swan

By combining two elements: air and water, Swan is the bird life, and personified the sunset of the day - the Sun.

It also symbolizes Odinochestvo and a bird sanctuary and poets. Song of the dying swan - a song poet, and his whiteness - sincerity. Swan and goose can often symbolically replace each other.

A Celtic god of nature, Swan solar and benefactors are the people they have borrowed from the sun and water the ability to heal, are associated with the solar chariot, and symbolized generosity, love and purity, and their music has magical properties. Swans with gold or silver chains around their necks represent the appearance of supernatural deities.

A Chinese swan - solar bird yang.

In Christianity, a white swan - that purity, compassion and a symbol of the Virgin Mary. His dying song symbolizes the suffering of the martyrs, and Christian humility. Swan - the emblem of the holy Cuthbert, Hugh, Ludger.

In Greco-Roman tradition of Zeus (Jupiter) in the form of swans appeared before Ledoy. It symbolizes lyubveobilie. Dedicated to Aphrodite (Venus), as well as a sun god Apollo. Swan - is also a happy death.

Do Indians have a "pair of swans that have Ham and Sa, who live in the minds of the Great and eating only honey flourishing lotus knowledge" (sound-rya Lahari). Poultry Hams carved on the walls of temples and symbolized by a union, sought by the celestial beings. Swans also symbolize the breath and exhale, breath and spirit. Brahma rides a horse in the swans, guse or pheasants. Swan or goose - his emblem. This is a magic bird, leaving the waters of Outer Egg, which appeared Brahma. High Swan (paramahamsa) - universal authority.