African Bushmen believe that the deity may appear in the form of antelope.

In Asia Minor and Europe antelope is a lunar animal, related to the Great Mother.

Do the Egyptians, she is devoted to Seth, but could also represent Osiris and Gore as his opponents.

In heraldic antelope symbolizes strength and furious. Dangerous. In this case, it is depicted with the head of a tiger, an armed tusks, powerful body of a deer, the tail of a unicorn.

Do Hindus - it is the emblem of Lord Shiva. Soma and Chandra antelope harness their chariots. Riding on the antelope jumps wind god Pavana.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition of antelope is a symbol of EA and Marduk. EA-Oannes - this antelope subterranean ocean, Apsu - antelope creations. In addition to antelope, underground dragon can symbolize also bull, buffalo or a cow. Moonlight antelope deals Ashtoreth.