Cote, possessing the ability to change form pupil, a symbol of the changing force of the Sun, as well as the phase of the moon and the splendor of the night. It also means everything is being done by stealth, desire and freedom.

Cote is black and the moon symbolizes evil and death (only in our time a black cat has become to mean good luck).

In American Indian wild cat - a sign of theft.

A Celtic cat - chthonic force funerary symbol.

A Chinese male, being a nocturnal animal, refers to the principle of yin and possesses evil forces and the ability to transform. Meeting with a stranger cat - not good. Black Cat - a failure, a disease.

In Christianity, the cat - Satan, darkness, lust and laziness.

In the Egyptian cat - a lunar image is dedicated to Seth as the dark and can serve as a lunar symbol of Isis, or strike, the Moon, represents the pregnant women, as the moon allows the seed to grow in the womb.

In Greco-Roman culture of the cat - lunar satellite Diana. The goddess of liberty holding the cat at your feet. The Japanese cat symbolizes the force of transformation and peaceful rest.

We Scandinavians cat - attribute Frey, in her cart were zapryazheny cats.

In the cat witches - good witches familiar. Black Cat as the approximate mean evil witch and bad luck. Cats and dogs can cause rain.