Cross of Constantine

Krest Konstantina Cross of Constantine - monogram, known as "Hee-Ro" form consisting of X (the Greek letter "chi") and P (Ro), the first two letters of Christ in Greek.

Legend has it that this is the Emperor Constantine saw a cross in the sky on his way to Rome to his opponent and at the same time co Maksentiyu. Together with the cross, he saw the inscription In hoc vinces - "with this win." According to another legend, he saw a cross in a dream the night before the battle, the Emperor heard a voice: In hoc signo vinces (in this sign conquer). Both legends say that this prediction turned Constantine to Christianity. He made his monogram logo by placing it on the labarum, the imperial standard, instead of the eagle. The ensuing victory at the bridge Milviana near Rome on 27 October 312 years has made his sole emperor. After the edict was issued permitting the practice of Christianity in the empire, no longer persecuted believers, and the monogram of the Christians to the use of secrecy, was the first generally accepted symbol of Christianity, and won wide popularity as a sign of victory and salvation.
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