Cross with a rose

Krest with rozoy Kreso with roses - the emblem rozenkreytserov, religious sect, founded in 1484 by German scientist Christian Rozenkreytsem. In 17 century, the emblem and the name "rozenkreytsery were perenyaty filosovskimi secret societies that were engaged in alchemy and mysticism, and picked a rose and a cross a symbol of resurrection and redemption of Christ. Such societies were founded in Vienna, Germany, Poland and Russia, in the basis of their association - Masonic ideals and principles.

In Europe, the society rozenkreytserov still exist in the U.S., San Jose, California, is the headquarters of "the Ancient and Mystical Order of Roses and the Cross." The Cross symbolizes the human body, and rose in the center symbolizes the pure life fluids. Sometimes the cross with a rose is treated as a rose that grows the tree of life on the cross as a symbol of rebirth and resurrection.