Mifteriya runes

"Runatal (" Song of the runes ") - Part 'speeches High" (elder Edda), which explains the emergence of runes.

As a Senior Edde "refers to the nine worlds, which are located around the World Tree (Iggdrasil). All Worlds (except Midgarda) called on the people inhabiting it.

Misteria - a rite of initiation in which a man dies and is born again "is not passing the gates of death." Man is cleared and is born anew in the face of the gods.

Mira Iggdrasilya
The main sanctuary of the gods of the ash Iggdrasil there every day of their gods vershat court. That ash more and more beautiful all the trees...

Odin Mysteries were held in the caves, whose number was equal to nine, and who represented Nine Worlds Misteria. A candidate seeking admission to the Mystery, was...

Runatal (Song of the runes) - part of speech High (elder Edda), which describes the mystical epiphany Odin and runes on the appearance of...