Options Futhark

There are several options Futhark:

Senior Futhark - is composed of 24 runes, it is used for magic.

Junior Futhark - is composed of 16 runes, used for writing.

Armanichesky Futhark - is composed of 18 runes, open Guido von leaf.

Armanichesky Futhark. Guido von List (1848 - 1919) - German researcher runes and famous occultist, founder...

Senior Futhark
Senior Futhark. Senior Futhark consists of 24 runes. 24 runes are traditionally divided into 3 groups of 8 runes each. These groups are called...

Junior Futhark
Junior Futhark. By the middle of the tenth century the number of runes in the Nordic Futharke decreased from 24 to 16 runes. Some labels...