We know of at least six of runes taynopisi. The best known branching runes (Kvist-runes), and hip-roof runes (Tjald-runes).

All systems are based on numerical principle. Each of the three attov Senior Futhark get your number. The first number gets ATT Tyura (in the classical Futharke it third), the second number gets ATT Heymdalya (second), the third number - ATT Frey (the first in the classical manner runes).

Then, each rune inside Atta gets your number.

When taynopisi branchy runami signs indicated in the form of a vertical line with the side branches. The number of branches of the right - the number of Atta, the number of lanes on the left - the number of runes inside Atta. For example rune has 3 branches of the right and left branches of 2:

3 branches of the right - this is ATT Frey. 2 branches of the left - the second rune. In atte Frey is the second rune Uruz.

Using this system, you can encrypt the words and even entire proposal.

Tent-roofed runes are based on the same principle. The basic derived Fleece Gebo, with a kind of Russian letter X. The letters are read clockwise starting from the left.

For example, the magic formula in the form of alu hip rune looks like:

Another system of encryption is to use runes Laguz. Runes are written in succession, with the cipher room Atta runes are written upside down, and when encrypting numbers runes - in a normal situation.

For example, the same rune Uruz looks like this:

There is also the type of encryption, where the values of runes were introduced to the text of the song in the form of meaning runes. For example, Fehu - cattle, Uruz - round, Kenaz - torch, Raido - path and so on.