Raido The use of runes volshbe associated primarily with the direct translation of its name, with the result that it is called runoy ways. In addition, she belongs to a group of runes Priboj also protect travelers.

Amulet Raido oberegut from small problems, often involving expensive rid of the delay in transit. It is also believed that spells based on the runes, and protect the person who commits a wandering spirit. Those who are in their spiritual development makes use of the shamanistic practices, can put the image on the Raido tambourine or rattle - tools that generate the rhythm. Blum describes in detail the relationship with the comprehensive Raido Space Act, making it thus runu justice, which can help in the Litigation. It is seen as runu able to push for the restoration of the Act if it was violated.

In spells Raido not possible to use as a protective runu, but as runu transformation runu, resulting in changes to the event or contribute to them. However, in this case it will act as an additional rune, and it is desirable that it accompanied a strong defense, for example, Inguz or Algiz. If the purpose of such spells will be "global" changes, the main runoy there will Eihwaz or Ehwaz - powerful runes of transformation, but the presence of the protective runes are already considered to be mandatory.