Mannaz The main purpose of the use of magical runes Mannaz - marking a certain person or group of persons, so as in the runic spells, and in the runic talisman Mannaz rarely used as a single rune. In those cases where Mannaz used solely by itself, it plays a role as a rune of assistance and support, that is, through its practices runes sends someone of his personal strength and energy. Effects of runes Mannaz applies also to the sphere of interpersonal relationships (in the case where this rune indicates a team or group of persons) and is to help the individual to cooperate or contacts to find their place in the mikrosotsiuma. You may also use Mannaz in order to have an impact on myself mikrosotsium or group to create its stable business and a friendly atmosphere. In one of its aspects Mannaz regarded as the modern practice of rune cards. Paternoster purpose on the basis of this rune is then aid in the release of the original "divine spark, hidden in every person. This is, apparently, that was a wise Mannaz runoy, the purpose of which - to help the emergence of this new world of the soul.