Sowulo In all treatments runes magic rune Sowulo appears as one of the bright, joyful runes. Applied to volshby, Fleece sun is able to have an impact on areas such as giving strength and success, fertility and healing. The modern healing tradition emphasizes the impact of the runes. Sowulo can lead to the transformation of a negative spiritual experience and turned painful experiences into a solid foundation for further development. The purpose of paternoster, based on Sowulo, is to enhance the abilities of all magical arts, strengthening forces of the magician. Able Sowulo also presented and insight, achieved through an act of individual will. In one of its aspects Sowulo stands as a symbol of the individual in contrast to its society, freed by the correct spells, these forces will have a powerful support to those who sought to transform their lives and the world around him. Possible interpretation of the names of the runes as a "solar". Therefore, it can be successfully used for treatment, as well as in the "clean" energy centers of the body - the chakras. Spells on the basis of runes Sowulo contribute to the accumulation of mental energy, thereby increasing their magical potential of the one who works with runami, allowing him to take possession of them, on the one hand, and good for his overall physical condition - the other. To do this is to, first, wear the amulet with the image of the runes, and secondly, to observe it during meditation. Sowulo very efficient and composite mascot.