Bercana Bercana has a very powerful magical properties. The main areas of application are the healing and protection. It is important to remember this, that the protective effect of this rune does not apply to short-term actions (ie, do not think that, protect yourself with a paternoster runoy Bercana, you can not look under your feet, turning the river on fragile bridges), but instead rather, it protects the germ of worry, and even contributes to a fruitful development. Healing runes that function is primarily to release, purify the body from speaking the language of modern medicine, foreign agents, that is infection. In the Middle Ages Bercana used to drive the demons out of obsession. It is also believed that spells based on the runes Bercana contribute not only to growth, but a new birth - rebirth, or attached to the forces necessary to start something again.

And runes paternoster, and amulets with an image of success Bercana runes can be used for intended purpose - that is, for the healing of infertility, or facilitate the process of childbirth. Some practices feel that Bercana can help the successful resolution of problems associated with raising children. Protective function Bercana, as the runes of beer, manifested in the fact that the talismans and spells to protect her from the deception and illusion, what man builds against himself and his surrounding people. It is very effective is this rune and composite runic talisman.