24 runes

24 runy

  1. Finance. Psychic energy.
  2. Health. Life force.
  3. karmic forces, creating a physical support.
  4. intelligent expression. Source of inspiration.
  5. Travels travels and physical spirit.
  6. partnership and creativity.
  7. Dar.
  8. your environment, well-wisher, friends.
  9. space of situations, perhaps - crises that lead to transformation.
  10. satisfied. The forces that create moral support.
  11. your material, spiritual and cultural potential. The state of mind.
  12. relationship with your immediate surroundings.
  13. Integrity existence. Hidden forces. Scope of intuition. Search
  14. source of joy.
  15. What needs to be addressed. Your path to the divine.
  16. What a conduit of divine revelations.
  17. ideals. Areas of knowledge.
  18. Help. Areas of development.
  19. Contact with loved ones. Partnership. Marriage. Sex.
  20. Mental, possible crises in the field.
  21. What is required to achieve the mental equilibrium.
  22. What is worth thinking about.
  23. Interaction forces influencing your life. Field unknowable.
  24. House. The situation in the family.