Zagovorennoe tree on the moon goddess. Weeping willow symbolizes grief, unhappy love. Connected with the funeral.

In Buddhism embodies gentleness.

In the Celts associated with Jesus, who portrayed cut down ivu.

A Chinese willow - a symbol of spring, femininity, gentleness, grace and charm, artistic abilities, separation. Attribute Guan-yin, who sprinkle water using live osier twig. Yin represents the beginning. Lunar tree.

In Christianity, branches osier (willow branches) are as a symbol of the palm branches on Palm (Palm) Sunday.

In Greco-Roman tradition is dedicated to Europe and the willow is the emblem of Artemis.

Do Jews willow symbolizes grief - weeping willows of the Babylonian exile. Yves Day is celebrated during the Feast of Tabernacles.

In Japan, willow symbolizes patience and perseverance. Particularly, she revered among the Ainu people, because the spine the first man, in their opinion, was made of Yves.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition willow is the emblem of Tammuz, and is a triumph, joy and happiness.

Willow - a world Drevo Akkad, Akkadian dedicated to Zeus. Withy - the emblem of Artemis, and a symbol of fertility.

Do Taoists because it represents weakness.

Yves opposite of pine and oak: the past can not make the storm and break under the gusts of wind, the branches also Yves, yielding impulse, and then returned to its former position and remained intact.