Openness, vitality, fertility, strength of character, silence, solitude, phallic symbol. Being an evergreen, a symbol of immortality. It was believed that it protects the body from decay, hence the production of her coffin and the presence of its cemeteries; avert evil. Because of its form, a pine cone - at once fiery and phallic symbol, a symbol male creative force, fertility and luck.

Basti identifies spiral curled the top of the pine cones with a swirl or spiral - the great creative forces.

China: longevity, courage, loyalty, perseverance in difficult circumstances, the emblem of Confucius.

Often portrayed along with the stork and the white deer.

When in Egypt has developed a cult of Serapis, pine became his emblem.

The emblem of Zeus. Pine cone as a phallic symbol and a symbol of fertility was an attribute of Dionysus and the crown of his tirs. In addition, it is the emblem of Artemis.

As a means of protection associated with Eskulapom.

Japan: longevity, as such, occurs in conjunction with the stork and the white deer.

Rome: the emblem of Jupiter and Venus, as a pure tree and a symbol of virginity is associated with Diana.

Also relates to Mitra.

Semitic tradition: cone - a symbol of life and fertility. It is dedicated to tree and Attisu Phrygian Cybele, whose companion he was.