Maiskoe tree

Symbolizes the world axis around which the universe revolves. A tree without leaves, symbolizing the change, it becomes the axis-only, or center. Pillar has a phallic symbol, a drive located on top of pillars - a female. United together, they represent fertility. Seven ribbons - the color of the rainbow.

In addition, the column represents the number 10 in the pole symbolizes the unit and the zero symbol of the disk and dance, which turns around the May tree.

Initially, this role was played by a sacred pine Attisa, which were in a festive procession or in a chariot to the temple of Cybele and put it in order to carry out rituals. During the procession, men, women and children accompanied her and danced around.

Later, this custom appears in the Roman "Hillary", or Spring Festival, and the May Day Queen and Green Man.

It is assumed that the ribbons at the May tree correspond to the strips of wool, which give light weight pine dedicated Attisu.

Rite as a whole symbolizes the renewal of life, sexual connection, and the resurrection of spring.