Symbolizes the essence of life, the divine substance, panacea immortality.

Being neither a tree nor bush, mistletoe embodies all that is "neither the fact nor the other." Expanding this notion, it symbolizes freedom from restrictions. A person under the mistletoe, it is free from restrictions, but has no protection, and comes into the world of chaos.

Mistletoe is a golden arm and the Druid Eneya and embodies the feminine principle, with respect to male in the image of oak. It symbolizes new life and rebirth during the winter solstice. Tradition states that the mistletoe was born from the lightning in a branch of an oak, and thus vested with additional spiritual qualities (see the lightning). Juice of the berries - food for body and spirit. Associated with the Norwegian goddess Baldur. Some authorities believe that picking up fruit Druid mistletoe using a golden sickle is linked to the myth of Cronos, Uranus kastriruyuschem.