Death from the standpoint of physics

Indeed, their existence to people arrogantly and defiantly violate the second law termOdinmiki. Under this law, all physical processes are ultimately directed toward entropy (termOdinmicheskogo equilibrium), though there was clearly an organic life of the entropy towards peace. Let's try to boil the kettle and turn off the gas burner. Through ennoe amount of time the water temperature in a teapot equals the air temperature. This is the rough model of action of entropy. If there is no power feed from the outside, any physical body (matter) tends to come into equilibrium with the environment, closer to the most chaotic state. In this sense, the objective being of matter - energy - the most uniform (and in the heat, and in the dynamic sense) dispersal in space. So, in this coherent logical framework, "as illegal in terms of comet raschislennyh Light, found organic life, striving to resist entropy, providing a model antientropiynuyu life. Inside the human body (like all other types of organic matter) is a kind of "gas burner" for a certain period of work. A living organism - a streamlined structure, with the help of metabolism (metabolism) of opposing shift in the balance with the environment. However, even in 1955, Erwin Shredinger objected to the primitive interpretation of metabolism as the basis for life. "... It would be absurd, - he wrote - that it was mainly the metabolism. Every atom of nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, etc. as well as any other atom of that element. As they reached the exchange? One time, our curiosity met assertion that we have energy. In some of the restaurants you could find a menu indicating the price of each dish and the contents of energy (calories). and nothing to say that this is absurd, because in the adult organism the energy content as constantly as the content matter. Every calorie is, of course, has the same value as any other, so you can not understand what can help a simple exchange of calories. " What, then, is a precious thing in our diet that protects us from death? It is easy to answer, says Shredinger. "Every process, event, event (call it as you want), in short, everything that happens in nature, an increase of entropy in a part of the universe, where it is. And a living organism continually increases its entropy, or otherwise , produces positive entropy, and thus closer to a dangerous state of maximum entropy, a death. He can avoid this condition, that is to stay alive, but constantly learning from his environment negative entropy, which is something very positive, as we now see. The negative entropy - that is what an organism eats. Or, to express it less paradoxically, substantially in the metabolism of that organism able to escape from all the entropy, which he had to make, yet he is alive. "

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