Yotunheym - the world yotunov (ineistyh Giants), is located in the east.

Utgard ( "external enclosure space") - Rock Yotunheyma.

There Yotuny from splashing cold Elivagara (because they are cruel).

Odin roots Iggdrasilya stretches in Yotunheym. Under the root is the source of Mimira in which hidden knowledge and wisdom. Mimirom'm owner of the source. He performed the wisdom, because that is drinking water from this source Gyallarhorn horns. Odin, to drink water from the source gave a pledge his eyes.

Yotuny strong and wise people. From Yotunheyma came norny. Their arrival ended the golden age of the earth and shared time in the past, present and future. There are birth and death.

Great Odin is a genus of yotunov.