Midgard - a world of people, the middle world.

Midgard asami of a century of Ymir, from his brain were made by dark clouds.

"We were walking the sons of Bor (Odin, Vili, Ve), the sea shore and saw two trees. They took those trees and make them people. The first gave them life and soul, the second - the reason, the third - appearance, speech, hearing and vision. Dali they have them clothing and names: the man they called Ash, a woman Ivoy. So they went to a kind of human, the gods of settlements in the walls Midgarda. " The patron of the human race - Heymdal.

"There are al... on behalf of Heymdal, it is called white ACOM. He is great and sacred. It is the son of nine virgins, and they are all sisters. Even his name is Krutorogy and Zlatozuby. His teeth were made of gold. The horse is called its golden fringe. He lives in a place called Himinberg, near the bridge Bivrest. He watch the gods, and resides at the edge of heaven, to guard the bridge from the mountain giants. He needs less sleep than a bird. As night and day, he sees hundreds on the field. And as he hears growing grass on the ground and the wool on the sheep, and all that can be heard. I have a horn, which is called Gyallarhorn, and when it blows, hear all worlds... "

Heymdal protrubit in Gyallarhorn before Ragnarek.