Nauthiz NAUTHIZ: constraint, need, pain

Sound: [n]

Direct situation. Normal or inverted, it is difficult rune. The need to deal with violent coercion - its lesson. The role of this mark - a symbol of our "shadow" zones, places where growth stalled, leading to weakness, that we are projecting a negative for others. This rune speaks: work with the shadow, explore that within you attracts into your life misfortune. The need for moderation here beyond question. The appearance of this rune allows you to understand that in front of the stop - subjects once again to weigh your plans. Suppose the difficulties of the moment to help you improve the relationship with your "I". Remember that progress is preceded by cleaning. And, again, consider the use of setbacks.

converse. When we stop to take something inside us for its own, that we no longer recognize, produce devastation. This requires clarification. By taking it, you will strengthen and harden in nature. Start with the most difficult and head to what is easy. Keep in mind that the original "suffer" meant - "exposed." So you are exposed to a dark part of my journey. Anger control, restrain impulses, impulses to support, maintain a firm belief - that what is required.