Perth PERTH: dedication, something hidden

Sound: [p]

Direct situation. This rune relates to the sky, to the unknowable, and is related to the phoenix - mystical bird, burning himself and vozrazhdayuscheysya from the ashes. Ways to mark this mysterious and hidden. Achieved not seen easily and readily. This rune search. It symbolizes the hard facing aspect of initiation and is associated with the deepest level of existence, with the foundation of some of this rune is the experience of mental death. If necessary, release all, without exception. It is the update rate of the Spirit is.

converse. The Board does not expect too much, or - do not expect the usual way, because the old come to an end: you simply can not do everything as usual and did not suffer. Inverted sign advises not to think too much about the end result and not linked to the memories of past achievements, otherwise you are stealing from ourselves now, the only time when perhaps samoizmenenie.