Teiwaz TEIWAZ: wind power

Sound: [t]

Direct situation. This rune Warrior Spirit. His battle was always with the self. Finding faith through action, lack of attachment to the result, the constant awareness that everything that can be done - so let Heaven Will run through you and not stand on its own way - these features of the Warrior Spirit. When you receive this mark, we are talking about building character. If the runes associated with romantic attachment, the relationship in question is timely and providential. When it comes to your dedication, idea, way or manner of behavior, Rune Warrior advises perseverance, but sometimes the desired type of perseverance - it is patience. In ancient times warriors painted this sign on their shields before battle. At a time when there are more refined energy, the eq symbol strengthens your resolve in the fight "I" with "I".

converse. The risk is that energy or suck out through hasty or late effects. If the link soon, do not be sad and you know that her term expired. This raised questions of faith and confidence, and with them - the correct way of your existence in the world. Reversed, this requires a rune on your motivation. Are you busy subdual himself or trying to subjugate the other? Do your results, or are you focused on the problem for its own sake? You'll find answers within themselves and not on the boards outside. And when you sovetuetes with Runami you sovetuetes with his "I". (Higher ego, personal "I" - ego).