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Raskidisty, powerful and, although not very slim, looks solid and beautiful plants. Easily adapts to all conditions. However, he also dreams of convenience, but if necessary can overnight in the open air. It has a good health. Everywhere he feels at home and did not know that such timidity. A dynamic, confident, forces to reckon with them at the same time is very sensitive to joke about his person and not understand them. He likes to hit, to seize by surprise, to be a center of global attention, ready for any sacrifices to achieve this. Believes that he must make decisions, and giving the final say. With brilliance allows the most complex issues. Not responsible for risk, and has a gift nepredusmotritelen implicate contingencies. Fortunately, however, can easily go out of them. Honor, pride, straightforward, and the incorrigible optimist, which often leads to reckless actions in the business, and personal life. Has a nature prone to excesses. In apparent self-sufficiency tend to give third-influenced. Sometimes, led by an experienced hand, it becomes someone else's arms will. Among the carcasses have many heroes, but a lot of martyrs. Affected by others' influence, he also has the ability to influence others. Assists in the surrounding induced effects. Very persistent and was among those who are always right.

Sensitive, sensitive, sentimentalen - can bind forever and that love sees with a capital letter. For the rest refers to both the pleasant and devoid of the importance of the method of time. Intelligent and has the ability to perceive problems synthesized. It is amazing the speed with which considering and taking decisions. Often reveals the propensity to artistry, particularly in the field of music. In any case, it is more a sense of rhythm. Born for adventure, is usually lively and varied working life.

Personality traits were born under the sign of the carcass: impulsiveness, optimism, intelligence, ability to deduction.

Under the Sign of the carcass were born: Galileo, Brecht, Darwin, Kosciuszko, Goethe.