(25.01-03.02; 26.07-04.08)

Slender, strong, powerful silhouette with a turned right and simple features. Not without elegance, but is there something untouched by human civilization. Be granted to small and adapts to the situation. It can live anywhere and be happy with. Quickly reaches maturity and independence.

It attaches importance to the success in life, pursues for fame, for money. The only thing he wants - to be happy.

Avoid anything that would put it faces. Likes summer walks, animals and hunting. This can be seen in a boat, think about a fishing rod. And despite this, he does not like Odinochestva. Trying to arrange their lives so that lie among large families, or (smolodu) in the constant society pals. Nesentimentalen. Most often, a few rude, but not devoid of spiritual chutya people, harsh, but at the same time, and quiet. Pleasing in society. His calming presence is valid.

Kiparis loves to dream, and, rather, gives himself to bear during their lifetime than organize it. Immersed in dreams, thoughts are always somewhere else. Avoids serious the discussions, regardless of the subject of the dispute. Indeed, the elasticity of his nature - that are seeking it. His amazing faithfulness. It's true to his love, friendship, memories. If someone presented a sense, then, do not hesitate, you can apply to him for help.

His intelligence is speculative. Favorite sport - reasoning on any topic. Judgments thought out and explanatory.

Living it usually flows smoothly and evenly among those whom he loves.

Personality traits were born under the sign of cypress: a sense of constancy, loyalty, Reflexivity, intelligence, analytical intelligence, logic.

Under the Sign of cypress born: Schubert, Mozart, Romain Roland, Roosevelt, Louis Armstrong.