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Rolling, a lively and sociable, attracting free, and able conversation, in addition to their desire to become the center of attention.

Usually, it is expected from the creation of a relaxed atmosphere in the society. Everyone seemed cheerful, balanced, and without the problems of life. Only the closest know how it is in fact sensitive and can be disappointed. Therefore, as Jasmine is not trying to hide it from birth - a pessimist. The fact that the other is incredulity, it turns into sobriety, and leads to a careful and far-sighted action.

The fact that the other is a suspicion, he has - just deeply hidden reserve. He, like anyone else, understands the advantage of diplomacy and the ability of harmonious relations with others. Unfortunately, these advantages rarely seen in his own house. Here he is seeking to meet the needs for independence. Does not like to feel connected, does not like restrictions, duties disappointed him, despite the fact that it is always subordinate to their duty.

He was not alien to the sense of responsibility, but it is not always in the best mood. Life married to Jasmine is not easy. Moreover, he quickly disappointed and recruited bias. He loves children and feels good to them. Not expecting much out of life, with children, he has high expectations. The most difficult issues can explain simply and clearly does so carefully and judiciously. Children bring him to life the joy and satisfaction.

Jasmine is not a materialist but often well earned. Not afraid of work, his intelligence and vitality of thought is appreciated by superiors.

Features Jasmina born under the sign: a critical mind, intelligence, combined with imagination, intuition.

Under the Sign of Jasmina born: Machiavelli, Senkevich, Frost, Martin Luther King.