(23.12-01.01; 25.06-04.07)

Average height, well built, attractive, full of cordiality and charm. Constantly thinking about love, and inspires the rest of this idea. Often enter into marriage without love.

Sentimental, sensitive. In love is always true. Apple is easy to deceive, it trustingly, neraschetliva and unselfishly. Always share all that is. Apple is one day without thinking about the future. Can get into debt, and then forget about them.

Apple is optimistic, full of vitality and ever-happy life. It has a rich imagination. Philosopher.

Has a tendency in science, logical, clever and intelligent. Apple is very inquisitive, absorbs into itself all the information pertinent to the interests of its area. It boasted of their knowledge and not trying to convince anyone.

He loves the diversity, the monotony of it oppresses. Apple likes to complicate the lives of themselves and people around her.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Apples: the analytical mind, logic, intellectual, sincerity, muse.

Apple trees were born under the sign: Rubens, Heinrich VIII, Rousseau, George Sand, M. Nexia.