(25.05-03.06; 22.11-01.12)

This is a wonderful powerful tree. It is good to look, is slim silhouette, elegant and free of movement. Like yourself. However, constantly live with him is not easy. Has a lively and very demanding. Seeks to ensure that the care, thought and lived as he is most happy, doing only what he wants. And since gravity is to separate and independent life - not all good like that.

Laughs over life's difficulties, which creates an impression of irresponsibility and bezvoliya. But this is only the appearance. Ash is very well knows what wants, and even better - he does not want to. Pride in all that relates to its own success and prosperity.

In pursuit of his own happiness so egoistichen that can trample all bothersome to him on the path to the goal. Egoist, but no miser. Generous, sharing all.

This capricious nature of love has very different characteristics: it is care, constant predusmotritelen. Actually, in this area Ash is most successful and well know how to choose, weigh the pros and cons. His marriage of both love and marriage is on the mind. Seldom wrong and make every effort to organize family life, and he often succeeded. His mind is based primarily on intuition. Original and full of fantasy. Like rowan, Yves and Walnut, Ash has an extraordinary gift of insight. Often likes to play the game of the Prophet, and when executed by his predictions, the glory of his mind and taking an even more strengthened.

Ash has always played a bit with destiny. But this tree is safe, do not be afraid to seek refuge in its shade.

Personality traits were born under the sign is clear: intelligence, the desire for synthesis, intuition, imagination.

Under the Sign of Ash were born: de Gaulle, John F. Kennedy, Mark Twain.