(19.02-28/29.02; 24.08-02.09)

Gourmet silhouette, a beautiful, decorative. Can emphasize their dignity. He likes the house, valuable, beautiful interior. Often a nice house, without which it could not develop, create your own. They say that she knows what wants, that does not itself carry on the will of the waves, that it is insufficient that life gives itself. No it does obedient. Ability to plan and subject to conditions relating to their needs. Courage, resistance met with raised head and not allow themselves to overcome bad luck. Thanks to the courage and ability to take risks are always ahead. In this paper, the ability to be successful, regardless of the type of activity, which shall elect.

Pine distinguishes tenacity with which she was chosen by and from which it is difficult to shoot. Can get out of the most difficult situation. Very quickly and accurately in place.

Despite the amiability of treatment and the ability to be a nice friend, she is not overly helpful and generous. Own well-being and convenience - especially. Failures in other drives do not sleep with her age, although she refers to them with compassion in friendly conversations. Only one has a weakness - in love. Sensuality and impulsively - easily enjoys, then it is too late.

This has a profound intellect and orderly thinking, it is a good organizer. Can make the necessary efforts to achieve these goals, and usually achieves it. Of all, even love, troubles can leave with honor. Sign Pines is extremely favorable to women.

Personality traits were born under the sign of Pines: aesthetic intelligence, organizational skills, the tendency to analyze.

Under the Sign of Pines birth: Copernicus, Washington, DC, Chopin, Caruso, Elizabeth Taylor, Confucius, Napoleon's mother.