White Bear

1931, 1963, 1995

These years of serious testing. If in those years make mistakes - they are irreparable. Lays great event starts slowly unwind what happens after a while. The man totems with a polar bear should be strong, chivalrous, somewhat unpredictable. He likes to play - the game comes to ecstasy. He loves life, wide shower. It is not meanness, sadism, it does not tolerate betrayal. He always has huge plans and projects that they can bring to life. Well able to organize people and lead them to.

A person with a demonstrated antitotemom become the bearer of chaos - brazen, and at the same time, small-minded. He prilipchivy, vedlivy, boring, prone to sadism, masked by a good "uncle".

In the year of a polar bear born: Raphael, Cervantes, Newton, Tyutchev, Dobrolubov, Nabokov, Hemingway, Hitchcock, Dunaevsky.