1922, 1954, 1986

This is the year of grace, unpredictability and freedom. This year could be faced with unexpected occurrences. Hedgehog thorns pierce the world of darkness and either win it or gives it a shake. Man with totems urchin strongly resembles the house of folk tales - the same unpredictable, ershisty, apparently somewhat vain, even fussy. It is usually a big head, disheveled hair, pointed nose and a rather tedious voice. Such people have an excellent memory, especially visual, very meticulous, and like "cling" to detail "spike" in the details. In friendship, they are very accurate.

Antitotem occurs when a person becomes illegible in relations and contacts, and apparently priglazhen sleek, willingly tolerate a lie, and make friends. He trusliv, pakostliv loves everything to shatter and the feeling of complete impunity.

In the year of hedgehogs born: Sergius of Radonezh, A. Suvorov, P. Chaadaev, Roosevelt, Nemirovich-Danchenko, Kashchenko, O. Mandelshtam.