1901, 1933, 1965, 1997

In the year of foxes solve many things, a lot depends on the case. This year lot. Fox has a sharp mind, which allows to expose intrigue. In the year of foxes, as a rule, people are born with a very mysterious, strange and variable fortunes, and rarely one of them is waiting for monotonic life. People have shown totems fox differ dexterity, derisively and cunning. They are, however, little trusovaty never climb for trouble, but very cautious, they can "bite" all the intrigue, and you need to set another. They like to punish the meanness and stupidity and conceit unravel. Outwardly Lisitsa thin, with a sharp muzzle.

Features antitotema apparent in people with a blurred figure, and puffy face, in the squalid, cowardly priposoblentsah, holuyah and cormorant.

In the year of foxes were born: Vivaldi, Kramskoy, Andersen, Walt Disney, Marlene Dietrich, Belmondo, Yuri Gagarin.