1925, 1957, 1989

In contrast to the vicious, selfish Horses oriental horoscope, horse Zoroastrian calendar - the personification of strength and justice. This year was linked to the oath and treaty, Ka'roly over Injustice. A person with a demonstrated totems Horses - the smith of his happiness. It is an honest and brave, loves nature and space, traveling and sports. To uphold the order and justice could "crush" anyone who tries to disrupt any formality. But, seeking his might against the society. The horse has force only in the mass. The horse a good athletic shape add, proud posture, big teeth, big hair and tight beautiful eyes.

If a person born in the year of Horses, optional nerastoropen, trusliv if he has the same curves of the weak legs and rotten teeth, then it showed features antitotema.

In the year of Horses born: Patriarch Nikon, Bestuzhev A., Heine, Nancy, Mayakovski.