1904, 1936, 1968, 2000

In the year Owls need to pay attention to the shadow side of things, because the dark forces have shown themselves very strongly in this year. People with these totems to the schedule of life, they may daytime sleep and night watch. Of these emerging visionaries, the future of predictors, the organizers of secret societies. These people are very closed, inclined to mysticism and valetudinarian (especially men). They lived a mysterious life and no less mysteriously drop out of it. Activities of the best representatives of this year's birthday is aimed at protecting the highest values, although resist superior enemy forces they can not fully show itself only in a friendly environment.

If a person is cowardly, vengeful, cowardly, grovel before the powerful - is a manifestation of antitotema.

In the year Owls born: Rousseau, Darwin, Lincoln, Tchaikovsky, Rodin, Renoir, Sobinov, Amundsen, Denikin, Caruso, Chaliapin, Dali, Prishvin, S. Roerich, V. Tereshkova.