1918, 1950, 1982

This year, the court revelations. Year of the Cock has all the evil spirits. Unlike rooster known for the "oriental horoscope" is Rooster-soldier, reformer, not hiding in the bushes. It may be difficult to bring the case started before the end, he throws in poldoroge, but the best Roasters can always find in the heap pearl grain. Roasters - knights, strong and courageous. They did not imagine themselves without a home and children. Man with totems Cock has always effervescent energy, full of plans, loves clothes (especially hats), likes to "show off" and are often red. His mobile face and body language alive. He frankly and inclined "to burn a bridge".

Antitotem evident at the exterior of man as pallor and maskoobraznost person. This person trusliv, helpless and pitiful as a wet hen. He hates all the power and vanity is cruel.

In the year of the Cock was born. Voltaire, Robespierre, Berne, S. Trubetskoy, A Wilde, N. Gumilev, Chapaev, Galic', Solzhenitsyn