1927, 1959, 1991

This year, seduction, games, a year of terrible delusions. Evil in the years under false pretenses, ryaditsya in white garments, and deceives the people. A man with manifested totems Pavlina oars and heterogeneous, off, loves to play. It seeks to minimize the disclosure of their creative potential, and shines all the facets of his talent. It is constantly open with new features, it never stands still, and not only does not cease to surprise others, but does not cease to be surprised himself. He is not clinging to the property and other creature comforts. A person born in the year Pavlina, very often do not like because of the fact that he was too exposed. He was always a lot of plans, sometimes quite insane, it is not always able to realize.

Antitotem - gray man, dark, vicious, spiteful.

In the year Pavlina born: Kulibin, Balzac, Pushkin, Yesenin, Kerrol Lewis, Henry Ford, B. Hoop, L. ut ± owls, M. Rostropovich, A. Ryazanov, M. Ulyanov, Vladimir Tikhonov.