As Phonetically Fleece As transmits sound [A].

This - "Divine Fleece" for the divine force in action. Runu As traditionally relied on Odin, "ACS asov," "Father of all asov and people." However, the inscription on one of the gravestones Uesseksa dating from the IX century and bears clear traces dvoeveriya, runoy As indicated by Jesus Christ.

Old runic poem in this Rune says:
 Ash, favorite people,
                 has risen greatly;
                 steadfastly kept it in his place,
                 Although a lot of enemies coming,
                 to be overcome.
In Scandinavian mythology Fleece As relates to Ash, who is also a sacred tree and in the teaching of Celtic Druid.

At the mystical level, the world tree Iggdrasil, which provides the space axis of the universe, presented clear. And because the associated sacred tree rune As is understood as the embodiment of divine power, which oversees the preservation of order in the universe.